Sunday, January 30, 2011

What I Do While Shuffling

As I stated yesterday, the obsidium/elementium shuffle requires copious amounts of time. Typically I spend an hour or two working on the simply spamming my macros. When doing it, I suggest listening to Auction House Junkies Podcast.

For those who do not know, auction house junkies is run by Wes from Capped By Cata and Cold, Colds gold Factory from So far they have had two podcasts, which I listened to this afternoon while doing all my shuffling activities.

So far they covered Mysterious Fortune Cards, and the Obsidium Shuffle in depth. Both podcasts are roughly 45 minutes and provide an easy listen with a good amount of humor, mixed with specifics on different markets. It's nice to hear voices of the people behind the blogs.

Go over there and give them a listen, especially if you involved in something as mind-numbing as the obsidium shuffle.

Cheers- Brouck


  1. Fixed, thanks for letting me know! Glory to the Alliance... and I'll watch the Superbowl not play WoW.