Monday, January 31, 2011

Making Gold With Limited Time

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These are three of the simplest tips I can give for someone with limited time.

For Alchemists:

Simply set Hearthstone to your preferred banking location. Then take a portal to your desired zone of transmutation for living elements.

Hyjal - Fire
Deepholm - Earth
Vash'ir - Water
Uldum - Air

Make your transmute, come back, post on AH and profit.

For Miners:

Check prices of pyrite ore and pyrium bars. 2 ore = 1 bar. If ore is selling @ 10g per ore (typical on my server) and bars are selling for 30g per (again typical on my server) simply buy out all the ore and smelt. Take Cold's advice and smelt and afk log for the night, that way, when you log the following day, you have nice stacks of pyrium bars ready. Post the bars in stacks of 4 and buy up more pyrite ore, repeat process! I made 10k alone on this, in the past 4 days!

For Scribes:

Check the prices of Inferno Ink. See if it is remotely close (or higher than) the price of a stack of the following:
Twilight Jasmine
Whiptail (your best bet)

Again, I'll use my server's prices as an example. 1 Inferno Ink goes for 150g. Whiptail stacks sell at 180g (roughly). I buy all stacks Whiptail within 50g of my target price for Infernos (150g). Mill all the herbs (takes a minute max with a macro). Convert pigments to Inferno Inks and Blackfallow Inks. You should get at least 1 Inferno Ink per stack of Whiptail and 4-7 Blackfallow Inks. Post all inks on AH, and repeat the process the following day.

There you have it, three simple tips for making a quick buck.

Cheers - Brouck


  1. Hi,

    check your blog every day and love it :)

    i just read that you post pyrite bars in stacks of 4... Why 4?

    so far I always post my auctions in stacks of 1, 5, 10 or 20... but I haven't gotten into pyrite yet... up until now i made most of my gold (which isn't much) of folded obsidium and some crafted BS stuff - I only started playing again a couple weeks into Cata and never played the AH before

    (and volatile earths in 50's for like double the price of the 1's and mine still sell giving me nice profits)



  2. I like stacks of 4, because I find mostly BS making Belt Buckles buy them from me.