Saturday, January 8, 2011

Meta-tines Day

When 4.0.6 drops, so will three new Meta Gems.

Agile Shadowspirit Diamond - Agility/3% Critical Damage
Reverberating Shadowspirit Diamond - Strength/3% Critical Damage
Burning Shadowspirit Diamond - Intellect/3% Critical Damage

Each gem requires three red gems equipped for it to be active.

According to each meta recipe is "unbound and can drop from any Cataclysm creature".

Additionally, Chaotic and Relentless Meta Gems will be fixed to require three red gems.

So the question is, what should the plan of attack be from now until the day the patch drops. Here are my current plans.

1. Stockpile Inferno Rubies and cut equal amounts of Bold, Brilliant and Delicate. Post them all midnight before patch hits (@ 150-200% markup). I'm hoping to post a minimum of 20-30 of each kind.

2. Stockpile Uncut Shadow Spirit Diamonds and Earthsiege Diamonds . Post at midnight before patch hits (@ roughly 150-200% markup). Plan is to sell between 20-25 of each.

3. Stockpile 20 of each Chaotic Shadow Spirit Diamonds and Relentless Earthsiege Diamonds. Post at midnight and sell.

4. After the patch drops, I'll be taking my ret pally over to our favorite embersilk farming spot in deepholm, equipping a potion of treasure finding and farming until I get at least one of the new cuts. Periodically switching to my bank toon to see if any recipes have shown up on the AH.

5. Afterwards, I plan on learning, and creating as many meta's as I can, and listing them for major profit.

Now, I know it is unlikely that I will have one drop for me, which is why I'll be keeping tabs on the AH. This is such a new/rare recipe, that I will likely not be the only one farming for it. There is a possibility of running a monopoly on the items via your AH toon. Simply camping the AH and buying out the recipes as they come in, only to flip them for more via barking in trade. This will require a substantial amount of gold, but it can be done.

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