Thursday, January 20, 2011

Don't Be This Guy

Today's JC daily was A Present For Lila on Arygos. Dutifully I went to post my 10 stacks of Nightstone (I post 10 stacks at a time and post more after they've been sold or undercut). Much to my chagrin, I found this

All in all, Mr. C posted 20 sets of Nightstone, 3 each for that price, 115g. When he (she?) posted, she simply undercut the lowest priced Nightstone (of which there was one for 36g. So what is the problem? Well obviously his wares moved, and moved quickly. If that was his goal, then he succeeded.

EXCEPT: Dailies provide us with a great opportunity to gouge people at the AH. Listing gems, at 69% of the going rate is not gouging anyone. By taking a little more time, and scoping the scene out for an extra two minutes, he could have easily listed those Nightstones for at least 180g per stack of 3. His initial set up cost him over 1.3k gold.

Remember, being the first one in for the day sets the standard, to make the most money, aim high and if you have to post more low. Don't be this guy.

Cheers - Brouck


  1. Unfortunately, there are an absurd amount of "those guys" on my server... I try to reset markets I deal in when I can (e.g. when there are <4 of an item posted), and I always way over price what I sell, expecting undercuts. Normally, a few people are smart and undercut by a few silver. But then "that guy" comes along and undercuts to almost the price they were when I reset! Yeah, that's just really, really annoying...

  2. Yup - this happened on my server the other day too - I posted my zephyrite at 49g quite early in the day, within 30mins, it was back down to about 24g and by lunchtime, it was at it's usual 17g. Luckily, the guy who posted 50 singles at that price either sold the lot (unsurprisingly) or woke up & cancelled his auctions 'cos by teatime, they were back up to 35g-ish & I relisted a whole bunch then.

    I just don't understand the mentality of undercutting by 50% or more, even when the original price is a 'normal' price. Do these people have an allergy to making a bit of gold in game maybe?

  3. It appears like they have a basic knowledge or idea, selling Nightstone in stacks of 3 is a good move here, but undercutting to do so isn't. It's alright, patience is key. I moved 30 stacks of 3 (60 gems) at a going rate of 60g per gem despite the undercutters.

  4. For "that guy", it's all about making the quick buck. Like that late night infomercial slogan, "I want my money and and I want it now!".

    The new Cata JCers are particularly guilty of this. Depending on the faction population size of your server, the only way I have found to battle this is either post at market price and just let it sit for 12 hours, since eventually "that guy" auctions will be all sold and people will have to buy yours.

    Another strategy is simply wait for the day you get the same JC daily as the day before. Prices tend to stay high due to lower supply.