Friday, January 14, 2011

Deal of the Century!

So, I know that this is not the place to brag, but I have to tell this story.

After I did my daily AH scan this evening, I noticed 12 stacks of Obsidium Ore for 60g a pop. Naturally, I snatched them all up, with the knowing about the 54g threshold. After doing so, I immediately received a whisper.

Mr. M: need any more?
Me: @ 60g a stack?
Mr. M: ayep
Me: How many stacks you got?

Now for an interlude. I know Mr. M's a big time AH player. In fact, he dominates my server. He is easily the richest man on Arygos. Every day he posts tons of stacks of raw goods, mostly orbs and herbs. But here is the kicker, he says he's having trouble moving his Obsidium and that he has "a couple hundred stacks of it" in his gbank.

Finally we broker a deal over 440 stacks of Obsidium all at 60g a pop. Sure I invested well over 25,000 gold. But this to me is a no brainer.

That is just a sampling, now I have to spend my time diversifying this investment.

What do you think?

Cheers - Brouck


  1. I think you found a great "goldish" friend! It's always great to have farmers on hand. You have a ton of $$ invested, my server's market has dropped to nothing on prospected ore. Keep us updated on how you are diversifying!

  2. Good luck with diversifying all that ore. I know on my server the ore is down to as low as 40g per stack because the market is just so flooded with it right now. It is cheaper for me to buy it off the auction house than it is for me to go and mine it myself considering the time/money ratio. I turn some of it into bars as for now this is still profitable. I prospect most of it though and sell the gems, craft items to D/E, transmute some into Inferno Rubies and Ocean Sapphires, and transmute some into Shadowspirit Diamonds. So diversifying is still the key to beating the market.

  3. The plan is to follow the fantastic prospecting spreadsheet that can be found on the consortium website. Along with making some folded obsidium (which is a surprisingly great money maker).

  4. My jaw dropped. You got quite lucky there! Assuming 6 greens per stack, that comes out to pure profit just selling the green gems on the AH for anything over 10g (maybe 11g if you want to factor AH cut). And unless your server is really weird, that should be a really easy threshold to pass. That 25k investment should easily double through the shuffle. Can't wait to hear the results!

    Although I do not envy you having to prospect all of that...

  5. I've been steadily making gold off of this deal thus far. I also have been shipping the ore to my miner for smelting, then blacksmith to turn into folded obsidium. At 60g a stack, I need to sell folded obsidium for 12g a pop to break even. It just so happens it sells for roughly 30g a pop on my server. Not an all your eggs in one basket solution, but a great way of diversifying your portfolio.