Friday, January 7, 2011

Surgery and such

I have to give my apologies for yesterday's and today's posts being short and of lesser value to the reader than I desire to give. I had knee surgery two days ago, and sitting at the computer desk for any long period of time has become excrutiatingly difficult for me to do. That being said, I have one minor tip for all of those interested in the Mysterious Fortune Card game. Two weeks ago, when it was all the rage for bloggers to talk about their Mysterious Fortune Card strategies, most, if not all, forgot to mention one beautiful fact about this opportunity.


That's right, in case you did not already know, you can make those cards at 450, and the spell is learnable without training Illustrous Grand Master Inscription. That's why I have my level 66 hunter, planted firmly in SW grinding out cards when they are profitable. While I'm missing out on the big Darkmoon Faire card game, I'm finding it still easy to make money and allow me to focus on my enchanting toon to get to 84 and Twilight Highlands, which he did last night.

Another caveat about Mysterious Fortune Cards, check before you post. If you see a bunch on sale for 20-25g, buy blackfallow inks instead of listing your cards. I have found that the price of the cards, lowers in direct relationship to the price of the inks, on my server at least. Wait until it is more profitable to sell. People selling 10 cards and 20g each are only earning a 40 or 50g profit. Bark those out, and then post yours high.

Cheers - Brouck

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