Sunday, January 9, 2011

80-85 Gold Experiment

While posting auctions today, I found myself staring at the trainwreck that is trade chat. In it, people were trolling about the usual, having too much gold, not having enough gold, etc. etc. That's when one comment strung a chord with me.

stated : Dude, you make like 12k just from leveling from 80-85.

Naturally an argument occurred, people claiming you make no where near that, others arguing you make twice that. I decided to experiment and settle the argument for myself.

It just so happens I have a level 80 Night Elf Druid, Shiftybrouck, parked in Mount Hyjal right now. I have removed everything from his bags, with exception of his gnomish engineering knife. Shifty is an herber/skinner who will send all herbs and skins to my bank alt for safe keeping.

The plan is simple. Level Shifty to 85, while vendoring all grays and bop greens/blues. I will always pick the gear that sells for the most gold when there is no gear that improves my dps. Additionally I will be posting any sellable goods on the AH and gathering that gold. I will try to post updates per each level.

Here's a screenshot of Shiftybrouck right now.

Any guesses on what the final total will be?

Cheers - Brouck


  1. I've been hearing similar things myself. Even before Cata came out there was a lot of talk about inflation, and how much money one could make by simply leveling. I'm fairly certain you can make close to 5k from quests alone, given how many people in my guild keep getting the 10k "Bread Winner" achievement.

    My rogue (skinner / LW) is currently languishing at almost 81, which she got through some leather farming experiments I did for a blog post. I'd like to try something similar myself, as this sounds like an amazing idea.

    Best of luck! I'm quite excited to hear the results.

  2. My guess is around 10k. Seems like about what I earned from my DK recently, but it might be closer to 12k-13k.

    I completed "Coming Down the Mountain" in Hyjal (115 quests) and "Deep into Deepholm" (125 quests) and "Unearthing Uldum" (100 quests). So figure 340 quests with an average of 9g each is 3,060g. Plus I needed another 50 or so in Twilight Highlands to get to 85--my estimate is 3,500g from quest awards.

    Selling all the BoP is hard to figure but I'm estimating around 8k gold there, plus all the greys and whites I picked up--doesn't seem hard for me to figure 10k, easy.

  3. I've already levelled my 3 candidates :) but I know there were days when I was clearing 750g - 1000g when questing from quest rewards, loot & vendor trash. I'm not the fastest leveller out there & I didn't complete any of the zones - I moved on as soon as I hit the next level so yeah, I reckon 10k easy. I've got a priest just hit 83 so I'll keep a tally from now to 85 - it will be interesting to see your results. Good luck with your levelling!

  4. Interested in this, just saw the headline on Zoxy's blog. Will monitor!

  5. I'll follow this ^^
    It seems really an interesting experiment :-)

  6. I'm going to go with 7k. You'd be making a (considerably) bit more if you were able to DE all those useless quest rewards, even with the lower mat prices on most servers.

  7. just stumbled across your blog, looks fun! I'd say 6-7k easy, factoring in not just quest rewards but selling items and loot plus doing each instance a time or two. I'm LW and I send my trade goods to my bank alt, so I'm not counting any Auction Housing in that... also not counting just doing every single quest in cata areas because you'll be well into 85 by then