Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Gold Experiment Update: Level 83

Level 83 has come and gone on Shiftybrouck with no real new revelations.

As the screen shot indicates, I reached 2,278 gold by level 83. At this point, I have a few observations of note:

1. The toon I am leveling has had rested experience the entire time thus far, meaning I am leveling faster than my first dash from 80-85.

2. Shiftybrouck is part of my guild, which @ level 9, has Fast Track allowing for 10% more exp. per kill and quest.

3. I am getting significantly less green drops than the first two times I leveled 80-85.

All this adds up to getting less gold than I had anticipated. 10k, which seemed a low estimate to me to begin with, now seems virtually unreachable. All in all, I think I will plateau out around 8k.

Remember this is being done only by selling quest rewards/vendor fodder and posting any drops on AH. I have not included any of my tradeskills.

So question time. Should I continue the experiment the way I am, or should I list my herbs and leathers on the AH as well?

Cheers - Brouck


  1. Hmm, tough question. Going back to your original post, it seems to me that the argument was about how much you could make levelling so those herbs & skins you have tucked away are really part of the proceeds of the levelling process. Many people without other profs would sell them & count them towards their gold achieved between 80-85 so I would say, put a market value on them at the end of the experiment & add that in to the total unless of course, you don't need them for your other toons, in which case, flog them & get good prices now before the market drops any further.

  2. I agree with nev... You don't need to sell them just count them.
    At the end of the experiment say how many gold you had without selling herbs and leathers and how many herbs and leather you gathered.
    (and, if you wish, for how much you think you could sell them)

  3. I second Nev and Kreaton. This way, you get the best of both worlds! We can see how much you get simply questing / vendoring, and posting world drops, and then see what gathering while leveling adds to the mix.