Monday, January 24, 2011

Monday Hangover

Does your realm do the same thing my realm does? Everyone knows that Saturday and Sundays are great "buy" days in World Of Warcraft as weekend warriors are practically falling over themselves to sell all of their wares to the masses. It makes for good buying, but terrible selling, as everything has been undercut "to the ground" as Ghostcrawler would say.

But Mondays, well Mondays are the worst. It is impossible to make sales on my realm for any real profit as there are still many people posting at high undercut levels, but none of the quality goods you want are available for purchasing.

For example, I try to find one or two BOE epics every weekend cheap and flip them later in the week. But my main gold making commodity is via the shuffle, and today gems and enchant mats are still being posted at insanely low prices. For me, Monday is a throw-away day.

Things I do instead on Monday's include:
Level new toons
Focus on gearing current toons
Preparing wares for Tuesday's raiding rush.

So.... What do you do on your Mondays?

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  1. Enjoyed my first BG last night. Funny story - I told my GM I had to respec, but he went ahead and queued us, and we got ported in. He didn't realize that I meant clear my spec and then build it back out.

    I spent the first five minutes swearing and getting ganked while standing still. But, after that, I was actually pretty good. Had a lot of fun.