Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Thank You Zoxy (and How To Get Wowhead Mouseovers To Work on Your Blogspot Blog)

Last night, after posting the message about Maelstrom Crystals, I checked to see if any other Bloggers had posted about it. Zoxy, had done so at almost the same exact time as me. While reading Zoxy's site, I noticed something. The mouseover links from Wowhead were working.

I must confess, I have unsuccessfully been trying to place the right piece of html in my blog to make this functional. I searched online, in different forums and on different blogs, yet none of them worked. After my twing of jealousy towards Zoxy disappeared, I sent the illustrous blogger a question about it via the Consortium Forums.

Being a true class act, Zoxy immediately sent me very concise directions, which I will in turn pass on to you.

Step 1: In your Design Tab, open a new gadget/widget. Select the HTML one.
Step 2: Copy and paste this line of code directly as it appears.

script type="text/javascript" src=""

Step 3: Do not give your gadget/widget a title, this lets it be hidden and run behind the scenes.

Step 4: Save and profit. When you want to link an item, simply go to the wowhead site, look up the item and copy and paste the hyperlink in.

Cheers - Brouck

If you are having difficulty with this please feel free to leave a message.


  1. Brouck - I just added these to my blog, too - but I ended up taking the hard road and searching the help on Wowhead.

    You can also drop this in at the bottom of the body of your Design Template code for Blogger. I tried at the top, and it kept screwing with my fonts.

    Oh yeah - and I think we ought to exchange blog rolls, whaddya think?

  2. Hey, just a quick heads up, the whole script can be found at

    Won't let me link the completed script because of HTML restrictions for comments or something along those lines, but the one you listed needs the "< >" brackets to work.

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