Sunday, January 2, 2011

The Midnight Hour
This entry is written as part of the Best of the Month Blog Carnival, over at Not So Secret Society. If you haven't perused the writings over there, I highly suggest you do.

Many players are looking for ways to exploit the basic tenet of a supply and demand economy. While performing my evening routine, I came across a lightbulb moment. After being caught up in my routine, I realized it was 12:04 am, therefore my Transmute CD was fresh and ready on my Alchemist. I immediately logged onto him, only to discover I was three volatile water's short of the needed mats. Dutifully, I marched down to the AH to buy some.

The AH was crowded, especially for the lateness of the hour, but I thought nothing of it. I entered my search into and found a handfull of the volatiles at 12g a pop. I tried buying out the first, but the auction was gone already, same with the second and third. I quickly realized there were many others just like me grabbing their transmute mats now at midnight. That got my half ass mind working. Immediately, I went to my snatch list and grabbed all volatile waters under 15g. Which turned out to be 65 waters. I reposted the waters in stacks of 10 for 200g a pop, or 20g a stack. I pocketed the remaining volatiles for my own transmutations. Sure enough, before I even had to time to finish my transmute, my screen was blinking with "A buyer has been found for your Volatile Water". Six times. I had almost immediately sold out. This confirms my idea, that buying low and selling at normal at the right time will yield immediate positive results.

Cheers - Brouck

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