Monday, January 3, 2011

Holiday Hangover

Were you online at all during traditional working hours 8 am to 5 pm today? Did you notice anything different from the past few weeks? Maybe less anal spam, Chuck Norris jokes and nerd rages? Yep, that's right, today schools across America re-opened their doors and millions of students and teachers returned to the classroom. The holiday season is over, in game and out, and I have the latest update(s) on how it may effect the economy on your realm.

1. Small Egg/WinterVeil Leftovers Overload. Go ahead and check your AH, are small eggs back down to 40 silver each? Probably, being that many would-be gold makers caught on late and have too much surplus. If they are buy them up for Children's Week. Also be sure to check for other holiday gold makers; clothes, pets (vendor and Winter Veil) and any of the other moneymakers (recipes)

2. Time is money, and with more players having less time, they will have less gold. This means niche, or non-neccessity markets are going to take a hit. When I logged this evening, I discovered I sold very few Mysterious Fortune Cards. Expect this profit maker to take a major downward spiral. I won't sell or craft them unless I'm making at least a 10g profit.

3. Since time is money, if you're a heroic geared tank, you've got a decent cash cow. Players with two hours of gametime a night do not want to spend their first 45 mins in a queue for heroics. I have seen tanks commanding up to 250g per person. So if you're thinking of running Heroic Deadmines, throw out a flyer in trade and make an extra 1,000g.

4. Lastly, the times are changing, people with less time will be looking to gear up quickly since raid season is right around the corner. This means your crafted BOE's will never be more valuable then they are right now. Keep your eye open in trade, or even bark your services. Judge it on your server, but you should be getting at least 1k per orb.

Cheers - Brouck

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