Saturday, January 29, 2011

Frodo Potter and The Macro of Shuffle

By now I think most people are familiar with the Obsidium or Elementium Shuffle. For those who aren't, the simple steps are

1. Buy cheap Obsidium and Elementium (my thresholds are 60g/stack for Obsidium and 70g/stack for Elementium)
2. Usually* prospect ores into gems
3. With the gems do the following:
Jasper - cut into Jasper rings/ sell raw gems on daily day.
Hesonite - sell on AH (if prices are low, convert to hesonite bands)
Alicite - convert into Alicite Pendants
Carnellian - make Carnellian Spikes
Nightstone - wait until daily, and sell in groups of 3 at gouging prices
Zephyrite - wait until daily and sell in groups of 3 at gouging prices

4. DE rings and necks and sell raw enchanting mats.

Now there are obviously places to deviate from this plan and continue to make coin. I know I do my fair share. But primarily, I stick to this scheme.

Which leads me to: Macros

The biggest problem with the shuffle is the time invested to prospect and de the mats. Here are a few suggestions to make life easier.

1. For Prospecting, keybind the following macro:
/cast prospect
/use obsidium ore
/use elementium ore
/use pyrite ore

Just hit this repeatedly until all ore is processed. Make sure to have full stacks or multiples of five.

2. Have enough settings for what you want to craft first.
3. With the exception to Carnelian Spikes, craft next to a mailbox, that way you can mail out to your DE'er
4. Use the following macro for DE'ing the rings, necks and/or spikes

/cast Disenchant
/use item:52306
/use item:52307
/use item:52308
/use item:52309
/use carnelian spikes

Step five is to simply profit. Remember, not to undercut too sharply.

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