Monday, January 10, 2011

Levels 81 and 82 an update.

The first to levels are in without too much to write home about.

At level 81, I had 371 Gold, 69 Silver and 94 Copper as can be seen above.

At Level 82, I was up to 864 gold, 10 silver and 40 copper. This was 864 gold purely from leveling, looting, and vendoring quest items and grey vendor trash.

After Level 82 was reached, I nabbed a free port to SW from a very nice mage who's name I sadly forgot to write down. There I posted the following items on the AH.

2 Volatile Air @ 59g 8silver 50 copper - sold
1 Dragon Flank @ 2g 39s 85c - not sold yet
Green Ring @ 86g - sold
8 Volatile Fire @ 245g 70s - sold
Green pants @ 135
Green Hat @ 54g 50s (of the monkey) - sold
Green Helm @ 63g (of the undertow) -
1 stack of ember cloth @ 80g - sold
5 ember cloth @ 20g - sold
4 Volatile Earth @ 58g 50s - sold

Bringing my grand total from AH sales and leveling/vendoring goods to

1,473 Gold 54 Silver and 98 Copper

I expect the amount per level to increase at an exponential (though not off the chart) rate, due to the increased amount of quests and experience required for each subsequent level.

Let me know what you think.

Cheers - Brouck


  1. I have some problems with some of your numbers...

    2 Volatile Air @ 59g 8.50 - sold

    what is the 8.50, near 59g?

    1 Dragon Flank @ 2.39.85 - not sold yet

    a dot more than what I expected ^^'''
    Anyway, good work... I want to see how this ends :)

  2. Thanks for the update. Just curious if your exp bar is blue or purple? Seems a bit lower than I would have expected unless you are getting 2x exp along the way.

    However, I agree that the rate will increase more as you go up--levels take much longer to complete.

  3. @ Kammler: I've been fully rested (blue up until now), I expect things to slow down significantly when I hit purple.

    @ Kreaton: I have fixed my decimal system. But 59.8.50 meant 59 gold, 8 silver and 50 copper. Thanks for clearing up the confusion for me.