Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Tailoring from 480-500: a different approach

I like many of you, enjoy using when leveling a trade skill. It is almost always the cheapest and quickest means of leveling up any profession. It is also a great tool for any gold maker, as one can choose a single mat required to level a profession and attempt to control that market (a post I will make at a later date). But today I wanted to talk about leveling Tailoring.

Of all the trade skills I have been leveling, Tailoring has been the most resource-exhaustive on the list, even more than Blacksmithing. One with a relative low ROI as well.

From levels 480-500, has the following recommendations
480-485 - 5 Spiritmend Leggings
485-500 - 15 Spiritmend Robe

The total mats coming to 110 Bolts of Embersilk and 40 Eternium Thread for an average cost of 3,145g!

Due to an influx of people leveling their tailoring, I have found that it is impossible to sell either of these on the AH for more than 25-30g. Valuing them on the high side of 30g each yields a return of 600g. Creating a net loss of 2545g.

Disenchanting does not leave one with a much better option. the Leggings have a 71% chance to give between 1-4 Hypnotic Dusts and a 29% of 1-4 Lesser Celestial Essences. 5 DE'ed leggings will yield approximately 3 Lesser Essences and 10 Dusts. Likewise the 15 Robes disenchant into (roughly) 27 Dusts and 10 Lesser Essences. This leaves one with 32 Dusts and 13 Lesser Essences, an AH value of 740g. A net loss of 2405g.

Meanwhile, I decide to craft two Otherworldly Bags and two Hyjal Expedition Bags. The mats here total 58 Bolts of Embersilk, 80 Volatile Life, 16 Hypnotic Dusts, 16 Greater Cosmic Essences and 2 Dream Shards. All said, a total cost of 2498g. I was able to sell each bag for 400g a pop, creating a net loss of only 1,298g.

This is a savings of over 1,100 gold! Until there are any other options out there, I feel this is the best way to go from 480-500.

Cheers - Brouck


  1. Even though the math says to make the bags and sell them on the AH, I have continued to level my tailor using the least amount of mats and then DEing the crafted item. I am certain I could make more profit making the bags, but then would have to spend the time later buying enchanting mats to level enchanting.

    I guess it depends on the amount of time you have to play, the number of toons/professions you are leveling, and your current gold balance.

    PS - Enjoyed the posts, keep it up.

  2. Great tip to minimize the cost of leveling tailoring, however, I caution people to only make one of each bag at a time as on my server the bags are ranging from 300 - 400g each and are slow to sell.

    While it is true that leveling tailoring from 450 - 525 is a costly endeavor, it does seem to be worth it in the end, especially after you reach level 84 and can purchase the 525 patterns from the cloth trader in Highbank, Twilight Highlands. The rarer Emberfire and Fireweave items are selling for anywhere between 800 - 1500g each and I am selling about 5-7 each week. The epic belts are selling for 8-12k and the epic pants for 12 - 20k and I am averaging 1-2 per week depending on how many chaos orbs I can acquire from heroics for extra pieces of dreamcloth.

    Also the epic powerful spelthreads are selling quite well at around 2-3k each (these can be made with a single piece of dreamcloth).

    The only bad thing is that you are limited in your goldmaking from this profession somewhat as you are limited to the number of pieces of dreamcloth you can make each week. But still, 15-25k profit each week is still pretty good in my book.