Monday, February 7, 2011

What I've Been Doing Lately

After listening to the podcasts over at Auction House Junkies last week, I decided it was time to attempt to enter the Mysterious Fortune Card game.

The Setup:

I started with 400g and a level 75 scribe alt. I immediately invested in 2 stacks of Whiptail at 150g each. I was able to mill and convert to inks, scoring 3 inferno inks and a handful of cards. I posted the Infernos on the AH for 150g a pop (already clearing a profit) and then posted the remaining Blackfallows as Mysterious Fortune Cards.

Unfortunately, at the time, the Mysterious Fortune Cards were selling for 12g each, roughly a 50 silver profit over listing the inks by themselves. Still, I posted the cards, and dutifully went about barking my wares. Quickly, in fact way faster than I had anticipated I sold out.

Hmmm I said, maybe Cold was actually onto something.

Still there was a major problem, there were many people who have obviously heard that Mysterious Fortune Cards were profit turners and therefore post obscene amounts at marginal prices. In order to clear a major profit, I had to do something about the competition.

I decided to avoid the bark my competitions cards out philosophy. Rather, I sat on my cards, and just continued to mill for Inferno Inks, being that I was assured a profit off of those alone. While doing this, I kept a close eye on the Mysterious Fortune Card market. And you know what? there were NONE moving.

It's pretty much a fact on my server, if you're not barking your cards, you're not selling any cards.

So I let the competitions cards sit, for 96 hours. All while I flipped Inferno Inks. Finally they gave up, because nobody was buying their wares. I was able to start listing cards at 30g a pop, and I was selling over 100 a night (I'm very half assed and bark for roughly 20-30 minutes).

All the while, I kept on flipping those Inferno Inks. I cannot tell you how important that is to making gold with this strategy. If you can find stacks of Whiptail or Twilight Jasmine, that sell in the range of 1 Inferno Ink on your server, that is your golden goose my friend. Skip the Cinderbloom and go for the Gold.

Cheers - Brouck

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  1. I had a similar experience on my server. Cards don't sell much unless you are barking. Unfortunately, I do not have the patience that Cold has to bark for long periods of time. I typically log onto my AH toon, go immediately to the AH and post some MFC & Fortune Cookies. I then bark a bit in trade while gathering mail, reposting, etc. I bark a couple of more times, then log onto crafters to restock AH needs, then back to my AH toon to bark more and post newly crafted items then log. Typically this gets me a couple of stacks sold, but when I log (and don't bark) most of them end up in my mailbox.

    As for the herbs, I have been doing the same thing with Cinderbloom at 75g per stack, assuming 1 Ember per stack. Inferno ink on my server fluctuates between 125g and 160g.