Thursday, February 17, 2011

It's all about timing...

Two weeks ago, there were posts galore on blogs and forums about the ever popular Dense Grinding Stone turn in for the Darkmoon Faire. The problem is, remember to buy the stones the week of or before the Faire is a crappy prospect. Why? Because somebody, almost always goes and bumps the price of Dense Stones up a ton. That's why timing, on this trick just like many others, is everything. Check your AH prices today. Dense Stones are selling on my server for 76s a stack. During the Darkmoon Faire, they go for over 5g a stack. Now, that may not seem like a ton, but unless you are nabbing super rare recipes, it can tank you profits. So what am I doing, well currently while I write this I am AFK crafting my Dense Grinding Stones, while listening in on vent as we try to (unsucessfully) pug a healer for BoT. Prior to that, I bought up all the stones under 1g per stack on the AH. This was over 30 stacks! So go man/woman go and buy your Dense Stones now!

Cheers- Brouck


  1. Put them on your snatch list at silly low price, that way they only show up when you can make great profit from them later :)

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