Wednesday, February 16, 2011

I think I just made a big mistake!!!

So, I was just browsing the BOE Epic Gear on my AH for any great bargains, when I came across Pauldrons of Edward the Odd for all of 7k! I immediately thought woot, and bought them out.

Now here is where my mistake was made. I do things half assed, always have, always will. My big mistake was not doing my research ahead of time. So what is it I did? I went ahead and listed those bad boys without finding out just how rare they are. I posted them for 25k. Not bad I thought an 18k profit.

Well, in a matter of minutes I found out my auction sold. Now they are being barked in trade for 40k. Could I have really missed out on an opportunity for an extra 15k????

What do you think?

Cheers - Brouck


  1. I think you hit it perfect. 18K? Nice work! Don't think about the latter...and even if he does make 15K off it, you made more!?!

    However, if you really do want to beat yourself up, it probably will sell for around 30-35K, top end epic, world drop, very sought after (especially those that collect the "Edward the Odd" items- yes, they are out there).

  2. Gotta agree with Alto here. You just made 18k (more than double what you paid) in a very short time. That's awesome by any measure. Could you have made more? Possibly. Would you have made the sell that quickly? Possibly not. Just think of it as a very lucrative learning experience!

  3. I would've done the same, I'm more of a lets get it sold and move on type of person.

  4. Hey,

    I have a question.
    How do you figure out the value of the item if you don't see it on the AH when you're on?


  5. @Xylaria - we usually use to pull up historical pricing data from the past two week.

    @Brouck - man - talk about looking a gift horse in the mouth! Seriously, though - I'm not on your server, but I don't see anyone paying 40k for a BoE epic this far into the current content. BoE epic weapons on my server are going for less than that. You did the right thing by selling at 25k. The guy trying for 40k is the one who made a big mistake.

    Bulls get rich; bears get rich; pigs get slaughtered.

  6. Hi,

    That was the answer I was afraid for. TUJ doesn't work for Euro servers, does it?
    is there any other way how I would be able to figure out a price on something?

    Thanks again,